Cardano Launched the First Smart Contract

The first smart contract was launched on the Alonzo version of the Cardano, which recently hit over a million registered wallets.

The Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK) development team working on the Cardano (ADA) project reported this in a regular YouTube video review.

In this video review, Tim Harrison, Director of Marketing and Communications at IOHK, spoke with Dimitris Poulopoulos, who is responsible for deploying the update.

In addition, the IOHK team posted the news on the successful launch of the first smart contract on the Alonzo network on Twitter:

“The first simple Plutus smart contract has this week been successfully run on the AlonzoBlue Cardano testnet” – learn more in June’s mid-month development update”

In the video, the developers reveal that the team passed this milestone in the middle of the Alonzo Blue phase, the first deployment phase of which was initiated on May 27.

According to the head of the development department Nigel Hemsley, it will be possible to move on to the next stage as soon as there is a two-way communication between the registry and external applications.

The developers expect that with the help of partners and testers, they will be able to launch the project on the blockchain in July. At the moment, several teams are already doing this, including Altlabs, Eleks, Mlabs, Obsidian.

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