Buying Luxury Apartments for Dogecoins

Buying Luxury Apartments for Dogecoins? Yes, Please!

It’s not a clickbait; now you can officially buy a penthouse in Lisbon, Portugal for 5 million Dogecoins. According to the relevant rate, it’s around $2,2 millions. Having begun as a joke coin, Dogecoin is treated more seriously due to Elon Musk’s support and the significant growth seen this year.

The OTC liquidity and crypto payments provider FNTX Capital Suisse partnered with the developer 355 Developments to sell condos for crypto. Except for Dogecoin, the apts will be available for Bitcoins, Ethereum and Cardano. Three of them are already listed for sale.

The trend of selling real estate for digital assets is growing. As reported by Yahoo money, last month there were 71 listings of such kind. An apartment block where Ivanka Trump lives and a beach club in Canada announced they accept crypto as a payment in May.

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