Buterin Proposed A Solution To the Problem of High Fees In Ethereum

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin presented two possible solutions to the problem of high transaction fees when using ZK-Rollups technology during a developer video conference.

According to developer Tim Beiko, these solutions involve the use of files with a large amount of binary data (blobs). The first option involves minimal changes to support “execution layer” Ethereum clients. And the second is more “plumbing” but brings the network closer to something compatible with full sharding.

Buterin, commenting on Beiko’s tweet about the first proposal, added that some are suggesting adding “blob-bearing transactions” to the next hard fork, which can provide higher scalability of Rollups packages until full sharding is completed.

He also added that in the long run, ZK-Rollups is able to reduce transaction fees by about 3-8 times compared to the base level, and better data compression in batches can reduce fees by another 40-100 times.

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