BTC Price Skyrocked To $870 Billion On CoinMarketCap Due To Disruption

An unexpected and very mysterious glitch occurred on several popular crypto trading sites. And CoinMarketCap was no exception.

At some point, the price of many cryptoassets on the site skyrocketed, which made some traders happy, while others alarmed. During the outage, several data aggregators briefly displayed huge returns for Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), and other cryptocurrencies.

At CoinMarketCap Bitcoin price suddenly skyrocketed to $900 billion, while ETH showed over $81 billion. However, the outage did not affect the prices on the exchanges.

On the popular social network, Cointelegraph drew attention to this annoying misunderstanding. Other analytics services also turned to the service, hoping to find out the reason for what was happening.

To which CoinMarketCap explained on Twitter that the data provider is already rebooting their servers as part of a plan to fix this bug.

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