Blogger Traded Tesla Roadster for NFT

The creator of the What’s Inside YouTube channel with 7 million subscribers, Dan Markham, traded his Tesla Roadster for one NFT “positive porcupine”.

NFT was created by the VeeFriends project and was owned by artist and writer Eli Burton, who wrote the graphic novel The Adventures of a Star Man.

Markham stated in the video that it is possible that when he thinks about this deal in the future, his decision will seem silly to him.

“But I think these cars will be of great value in the future as well. And I believe in NFT,” Markham added.

Burton said he planned to sell digital art for more than $100,000 before he heard of Markham’s offer. Swapping the NFT for a car was easy, according to the writer, as there are currently 10,000 tokens available and each is priced at an initial price of $60,000. VeeFriends has 40 similar porcupines with different origins.

Although the two collectors exchanged NFTs on the blockchain, trading mostly took place in the real world, with Markham physically giving Burton the documents and keys to the Tesla Roadster.

Porcupine is currently listed on OpenSea with a high rate of 16,1018 Wrapped Ether (WETH) – roughly $55,832 at the time of posting – but Markham has hinted that he plans to keep the NFT in order to gain access to an exclusive conference for VeeFriends token holders.

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