Bitcoin Will Set You Free? In Lebanon, Non-Standard Blockchain Education Program Appeared 

In the capital of Lebanon, Beirut, they conduct non-standard training dedicated to Bitcoin in a game form.

The goal of the game is to escape from the quest room, solving various puzzles along the way, finding keys and clues. The main trump card of this game was that all the “tasks” are linked to Bitcoin, fiat money, blockchain, Bitcoin hashing algorithm and many other aspects of cryptography.

The quest room was created by Said Nassar, an international business engineer. The game was very liked by people who have nothing to do with the blockchain. But her appearance in Lebanon was also welcomed by local “Bitcoiners” from the Bitcoin du Liban group. They, moreover, set a new record for the time to complete the quest room.

Suli Kobayashi, MENA’s Swan Bitcoin advisor and moderator of Bitcoin du Liban, told Cointelegraph that the idea of ​​a Bitcoin quest game is great for both blockchain education and entertainment.

Souley added that after playing “Bitcoin Escape the System”, no one would be able to leave without the slightest knowledge of Bitcoin.

There are other quest rooms dedicated to Bitcoin, The Bitcoin Heist (in Macedonia), DIY Bitcoin and Bitcoins Badass Daddy.

Earlier, Block CEO Jack Dorsey and rapper Sean Corey Carter (Jay-Z) launched The Bitcoin Academy educational program for residents of the Marcy Houses social housing complex in Brooklyn.

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