Bitcoin Vouchers Are Now Available In Manor Stores

Manor is a big Swiss retailer that recently started selling Bitcoins in its stores. You can buy Bitcoin from them as a voucher – a special gift card called Cryptonow. The cards are available in 59 of Manor’s stores. 

The idea was welcomed by two other giant retailers, Valora and Avec Shops. They will also start selling Cryptonow cards in their stores on April, 1st. They have collaborated with Värdex Suisse AG, the Swiss payment service. 

You can purchase three types of the Cryptonow cards. Two of them have a fixed balance, 100 and 500 Swiss francs respectively. The third one you can fill according to your needs, it allows the balance from 50 to 500 Swiss francs. There are also the options of returning the card or selling it in one of the 70 Bitcoin ATMs from Värdex. Redeeming vouchers is only possible by selling Bitcoins on a crypto exchange, to a broker or using the ATM.

Simon Grylka, the representative of Värdex, explains this product as a good opportunity for the retail investors interested in Bitcoin to try it as the means of payment. There are also many people who want to buy Bitcoin but don’t trust the crypto exchanges or think it’s too difficult to purchase it online. Cryptonow is a great opportunity to buy it in the simple and well-known way that is 100% safe as soon as the voucher stays in the hands of its owner.

However, such cards are good for getting acquainted with Bitcoin but they won’t be an option for people who want to trade Bitcoin and earn money from speculation with its price. There is a 6,9% fee for each voucher, so Bitcoins are still cheaper to buy from the crypto exchanges or brokers. 

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