Bitcoin price fell by 10% in just 24 hours 

Over the past 1.5 months, the price of Bitcoin has halved, reaching a level below $ 32.5 thousand.

Already on Tuesday morning, June 8, the cost of Bitcoin fell to $ 32.3 thousand. And by 9:45 Moscow time, the BTC rate leveled off to $ 32.6 thousand. In just a day, the first cryptocurrency fell by 10%. Moreover, the price of Bitcoin rushed to reach the local minimum of $ 30 thousand, set on May 19.

Bitcoin’s depreciation intensified after the US authorities returned 63.7 BTC worth about $ 2.3 million, which the Colonial Pipeline paid as a ransom to hackers who hacked into its computer network.

At a press conference for journalists at the Department of Justice, FBI Deputy Director Paul Abbott said that the funds were stored in an electronic wallet for Bitcoins of the DarkSide group. Law enforcement agencies managed to seize a part of the amount paid to the extortionists.

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