Bitcoin Fell To $25K

On Monday, June 13, the bitcoin cost fell to near $25 137, but at the time of writing it adjusted to $25 272, according to Coinmarketcap.

During the day, the price of digital gold fell by 7.82%, and in 7 days — by 19.25%. Following Bitcoin, other crypto-assets also sank.

For the same period, Ethereum has fallen in price by 8.69% and 29.79%, respectively. The current price is $1326.

Of the first dozens of cryptocurrencies, more than others have dropped in price over the past day, SOLANA (-12.24%), Dogecoin (-10.28%), Cardano (-8.73%) and BNB (-6.61%).

The Greed & Fear Index in the crypto industry reached 11 points (“extreme fear”).

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