Bitcoin Bull Rally Isn’t Going to Stop at $100K

An acknowledged Btcoin expert, PlanB, is sure that the Bitcoin bull market will last for months and won’t stop even when the first cryptocurrency reaches $100K. It goes through the fourth cycle within 11 years and isn’t going to stop.

Since December, a bull rally hasn’t stopped pushing Bitcoin to new highs. According to the Bitcoin stock-to-flow model, the price won’t stop even at $100K, and we may see a $288K level. This will be a new milestone for Bitcoin, although it may even reach higher than that.

The $250K level is predicted to happen around September, 2021. The next big bull rally is expected to happen after another halving of Bitcoin that will take place in 2024. PlanB uses mathematical calculations based on the on-chain models for his predictions and according to them, $288K is expected to be achieved by Bitcoin this December. Otherwise, it will be difficult for Bitcoin to handle the 4 year cycle.

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