Bitcoin Became the Most Profitable Investment of 2021

Analysts of the audit and consulting network FinExpertiza recognized Bitcoin as the most profitable investment in 2021.

As the Izvestia newspaper writes, FinExpertiza experts took for calculations a nominal annual return on investment of 100,000 rubles at the beginning of 2021.

Bitcoin turned out to be the most profitable investment tool. When investing 100,00 rubles in this cryptocurrency at the beginning of 2021, the investor could receive 65.6% of the profit, taking into account the payment of income tax of 13%.

Real estate took the second place in the rating of investments with the highest annual return, and American stocks took the third place.

Investments in euros and gold turned out to be the least profitable for investments for the year. Their profitability for the year either did not change, or became negative.

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