Binance Tracks Down Hackers, Who Attacked

The large cryptocurrency exchange Binance, according to a court decision, is obliged to identify the hackers who hacked the artificial intelligence laboratory and stole $2.6 million in cryptocurrency.

According to Reuters, a Royal Court in London ordered Binance to identify the hackers and confiscate the stolen assets. reported that on June 6, hackers stole $2.6 million worth of cryptocurrencies from his Binance account and resold the tokens at a significantly reduced price. law group partner at Rahman Ravelli, Sidur Rahman, said Binance is already tracking faces and has frozen some stolen funds. However, the exchange may ask for proof that its account has been hacked before returning the tokens.

Earlier, the Binance Smart Chain Foundation (BSC) has become one of the investors in the new gaming platform Gala Games, aimed at storing in-game items and non-fungible tokens (NFT).

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