Binance Ran Short of the Ethereum Addresses for Deposits

An unprecedented situation happened on one of the biggest crypto exchanges. Binance ran short of the Ethereum addresses due to the mind-blowing demand for SHIBs that skyrocketed this week. The Shiba Inu coin was listed on Binance yesterday, and the users rushed in to buy it.

Nothing like this happened to any ERC-20 token before. Chanpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance tweeted about it and also shared his personal opinion about the perspectives of buying SHIB. He is skeptical about it because of the very high risk.

The appearance of SHIB is linked to Dogecoin and its pump. After this, many tokens with dog-related names appeared on the market trying to repeat Dogecoin’s success. And it seems to work because they showed growth from 60% to 250% in 24 hours.

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