Binance Australia Appointed New CEO

Binance Australia has announced the appointment of Lee Travers as its new CEO. Travers previously served as CEO of Australia’s DigitalX.

Travers previously served on the board of directors of Blockchain Australia, a leading local industry organization. He spent seven years at DigitalX, which became the world’s first public blockchain firm in 2014.

In a statement from Binance, Travers stressed that he will prioritize building Binance Australia’s relationship with regulators and developing the company’s brand.

“From an industry perspective, I know it is imperative that we continue to develop our relationship with regulators while strengthening our company’s commitment to regulatory compliance and best practices.”

Previous Binance Australia CEO Jeff Yu left the company in April. The next month, Yu launched Monochrome, a mutual fund targeting pension funds and high net worth individuals.

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