Belarusian Authorities Actively Confiscate Cryptocurrencies

The head of the Investigative Committee of Belarus, Dmitry Gora, said that the department is already actively confiscating cryptocurrencies.

He noted that with such “confiscation” authorities decided to “compensate the needs of the state in money” due to implemented international sanctions:

“What is a cryptocurrency? As my advanced subordinates say — digital garbage. Based on this, I set the task: our state needs money to compensate for the damage caused, let’s think about how to make money out of garbage. I won’t go into details, but we have learned how to do it.”

According to him, investigators were faced with the need to confiscate crypto assets due to their use in various crimes. Government agencies and commercial organizations are involved in this process.

Gora added that thanks to the actions of the department, more than a hundred million rubles in the form of “normal money” have already entered the accounts of the Investigative Committee.

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