Australia wants to introduce blockchain-based vaccination certificates

Due to the proliferation of fake Australian coronavirus vaccination certificates on the Internet, experts are demanding the introduction of blockchain-based Covid passports in the country.

The scammers have sold more than 200 fake COVID-19 certificates starting at $120 and attracted the attention of another 900 other potential customers, The Australian reports.

In their advertisements, the counterfeiters claim that the fake certificate is indistinguishable from the original and that there are doctors who can enter the data about false vaccination into the Australian Immunization Register.

There are a lot of such scammers on the Internet. Some have reported numerous contacts with doctors in various countries that allegedly help to create false COVID passports. Others sell fake vaccination documents for $12.99 per piece directly from the Apple App Store.

To ensure the security of the Covid certificate system, Australia should use blockchain technology, according to Robert Potter of Internet 2.0 cybersecurity firm. To do this, he urges Australian and international authorities to adopt a “non-reproducible signature right” based on the blockchain.

Blockchain is already being used to verify the status of the Covid vaccine. On June 16, the Republic of San Marino approved an eNFT-based VeChain vaccination passport called the San Marino Digital Covid Certificate, which can be verified with a QR code anywhere in the world.

A few months earlier, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the launch of COVID-19 vaccination passports on a blockchain platform. The new system is based on the IBM Health Digital Pass. The system will also verify test results and vaccinations via a QR code.

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