Anthony Hopkins’ Film Is Going To Be Sold As NFT on Vuele Platform

A new film starring Oscar winner Anthony Hopkins, titled Zero Contact, is going to be sold as NFT in the Vuele platform around August this year.

Not only was Anthony Hopkins featured in famous films like The Silence of the Lambs, The Elephant Man, Thor and Father, but has also directed several films like August and Slipstream.

New feature film “Zero Contact” is directed by the independent film production company Enderby Entertainment.

The film tells the story of five people from different parts of the world who are related to each other only by their devotion to the tech titan Finley Hart, played by Hopkins.

These five characters discovered a secret and possibly dangerous invention of the tech titanium. And they’ve decided to team up to close it, because an invention can either solve all the problems of humanity, or start an apocalypse.

Zero Contact was filmed remotely in 17 different locations during the first waves of the global pandemic in 2020, and production relied on using Zoom to capture scenes. The scenario was written by Cam Cannon.

The film will be released on Vuele in five parts in the NFT.

Producer and director Rick Dugdale notes that Enderby decided to launch the film via NFT, as this technology helps protect the film from piracy.

Recently, the Tezos blockchain has launched a new musician-focused market for NFT cryptocurrency collectibles that will feature the works of many famous artists such as John Legend, Quincy Jones, Dodge Cat and Whitney Houston.

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