Anonymous declared a cryptocurrency war on China and Elon Musk

The hacker group Anonymous has announced that it will wage a “war of memes” against Elon Musk and a “cryptocurrency war” against China using the Anon Inu token they created.

Anonymous hackers have expressed their dissatisfaction with China’s tough policies on the cryptocurrency industry and plan to launch the digital yuan. According to the organization, it was China’s plans to launch its digital currency that caused the ban on mining and trading any other cryptocurrencies.

Anonymous added that they are going to use their own DeFi token Anon Inu to fight China in the “cryptocurrency war”, as well as in the “war of memes” with Elon Musk.

The hackers added that due to the massive escape of miners from China, the price of Bitcoin has dropped significantly. After all, many had to urgently sell many of their coins. And even despite the fact that China’s repressive policy aimed Bitcoin only, the entire cryptocurrency market was affected.

The hackers claim that the holders of DeFi Anon Inu tokens will regularly receive free tokens, NFTs and other prizes. Hackers will also donate a portion of their income to dog shelters.

Earlier, a group of hackers Anonymous accused Elon Musk of manipulating the cryptocurrency market. They believe that the businessman’s careless publications have led to the instability in the field and considerable financial losses for many people.

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