An Unknown User Became a Billionaire by Investing $3400 in SHIB

SHIB hodler invested $3,400 in this cryptocurrency in August 2020. To date, the value of purchased coins exceeds $1.55 billion.

All in all, an unknown person has bought SHIB 44 times since August 2020, with $3,200 being the largest one-time purchase. Now the total amount of 70 200 003 107 594 SHIB is worth $5.63 billion.

After posting the wallet address on Twitter, user “Untraceable” wondered if the SHIB market is liquid enough to “absorb $5.7 billion if this wallet is sold?”

According to Etherscan, the anonymous SHIB holer bought this token nine times in August 2020, spending $3,400 in Wrapped Ethereum (WETH) this month.

Since the SHIB price has since risen more than 94,278,239.8% to $0.00008094 at the time of writing, the hodler has become a crypto billionaire only thanks to his August investment.

According to CoinGecko, SHIB’s total market cap is now $40.3 billion. A huge 1063% increase in asset value over the past 30 days has led to the fact that SHIB has supplanted everyone’s beloved Dogecoin (DOGE).

At the time of writing, SHIB is ranked ninth and DOGE is eleventh with a market cap of $31.6 billion.

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