An Unfortunate Investor Sent 10 BTC to a Fake Elon Musk

The scammers fooled an investor to send them 10 BTC, promising to double these Bitcoins. He followed the link in the comments to an original Elon Musk’s Twitter post, created by a fake account of Technoking. The link led to the site where he received this offer.

Scammers promised the transaction will take 20 minutes to proceed. The user reloaded the page twice in a minute expecting to receive his Bitcoins with 100% gain but this never happened. He wrote to the site tech support and to the fake Elon Musk on Twitter but didn’t get any answer.

This year is sadly fruitful for the fake crypto drops. It’s been only three months but the scammers already managed to steal more than $18 millions compared with $16 millions for the entire 2020. Cardano and Ripple even threatened to sue Youtube and Twitter for the fake drops of their tokens.

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