An Apartment in Ukraine Was Sold As An NFT

The first auction where property was sold as NFTs was just finished by the real estate agency called Propy. An apartment in Kyiv was sold for 36 ETH ($93,000 according to the relevant rate at the time of the deal). Previously it was owned by Michael Arrington, the co-founder of Techcrunch and a well-known crypto investor. He also paid for it in Ethereum. And again, it was purchased by an American citizen.

Devon Bernard, an engineer from San Francisco, has no plans on living in his new apartment. Instead he wants to offer it for short term rent, using blockchain as well. Each visitor will get an NFT and write a message in a smart contract guest book.

This apartment has a picture by the famous Ukrainian graffiti artist, Chizz, on the wall, and it’s also tokenized. This NFT goes together with a right for property. Bernard wants to divide this picture on several NFTs and sell the right to write messages or notes on the purchased pieces. 

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