ALP Tokens Were Burnt For the First Time on BTC-Alpha

The first token burn took place on BTC-Alpha, a European-based cryptocurrency exchange. 1,000,000 ALP coins were burnt at block 1225156 as a part of the series of updates the exchange started to implement.

The burn took place according to the BTC-Alpha’s WP, summing up all the spot trading activity and the trade volumes of ALP in particular. The CEO of BTC-ALpha Vitalii Bodnar made an announcement that clearly shows his intention to continue bringing out more new options for the users of the exchange.

As the burn started, ALP Coin was traded at about $0.26 but at the moment this press release was written, its price spiked up to $1.36. According to CoinGecko’s data, the total growth of the ALP made 417.7% since April, 16th. 

Vitalii Bodnar, the CEO of BTC-Alpha, shared the results of this milestone on his LinkedIn page immediately. He expressed his gratitude to all the users who traded on the exchange and also participated in the ALP ecosystem.

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