Almost 7% of Bitcoin Supply Is Owned By 19 Companies, Trusts and ETPs

Nearly 7% of Bitcoin’s total market capitalization is held by multiple companies, exchange-traded products, and closed trusts.

A new study by Nickel Digital Asset Management indicates that over $ 6.5 billion in BTC (about 1% of Bitcoin’s total capitalization) is owned by 19 companies. The remaining 5.75% belongs to exchange-traded products and closed trusts, according to The Investor Ideas.

Only 13 of the 19 firms mentioned above are located in North America. Three more are in Europe and others in Turkey, Australia and Hong Kong.

The study said that in addition to the listed firms, $ 43.2 billion worth of Bitcoins is owned by ETPs and trusts. This amount is equivalent to almost 6% of Bitcoin’s market capitalization.

Nickel’s research suggests that the institutional cryptocurrency allocations will continue rising. At the same time, 81% of European asset managers and institutional investors expect an increase in the number of Bitcoins on corporate reserves.

According to Bitcoin Treasuries, another $ 13.5 billion BTC (1.8% of the Bitcoin supply) is held in the treasuries of four private companies – Block. One, Tezos Foundation, Mt Gox and Stone Ridge Holdings Group.

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