All About NFT – What’s New in This Space Today?

Recently New York Times sold their column as an NFT and made half a million dollars from it. Now they start casting doubt about all the NFT stuff being nothing more than a big bubble. In their latest article, they compare it with the tulip mania of the 1600s that took place in the Netherlands during the plague pandemics.

Meanwhile, big money keeps coming into the NFT space. SuperRare marketplace managed to raise $9 millions investment. These funds are meant to be spent on adding more interactive features to the platform and improve its functionality.

Polkastarter’s new project Polkamon, an interactive NFT game where players are supposed to seek tokenized Easter eggs, resulted in more than $1 million money spent by fans. The found pieces were listed on OpenSea. 

The attempt of selling a tokenized real estate, however, failed again. A house put up for sale on Mintable was sold for fiat money. Anyway, there was a lot of interest to this offer and the investor listed another NFT property.

Vernon Davis, an actor and the ex-NFL star dropped the tokenized collectibles related to his sports career on Rarible. There are five pieces including trophies and action shots available to buy from the auction till April, 4th.

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