After the Crisis, Bitcoin Will Become One of the Best Assets for Savings — Bloomberg’s Strategist

After the upcoming crisis, bitcoin will become one of the best assets to save along with gold and bonds.

As Bloomberg Intelligence senior commodities strategist Mike McGlone told Kitko News, there will be a “great pullback” in risk assets in the near future, similar to the aftermath of the 2008 or 1987 crisis.

According to the specialist, since absolutely all possible assets are at risk, such a crisis is a natural phenomenon that has long been overdue. This inflation is likely to be the biggest in 40 years, he added.

McGlone expects Bitcoin to emerge from the coming crisis as “one of the best assets on the planet to hold, like gold or US bonds.”

McGlone emphasized that Ethereum should be looked at in a similar vein since this project is a revolution in the world of fintech.

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