Africrypt Owners Disappeared With Investors 69 Thousand Bitcoins 

In South Africa, the owners of Africrypt, brothers Amir and Raise Cage, have disappeared with 69 thousand Bitcoins, Bloomberg reports.

Africrypt investors have hired attorneys from a Cape Town law firm. In addition, they filed an application with the South African special police unit “Hawks”. The affected investors urged crypto exchanges around the world to prevent the stolen cryptocurrency from being withdrawn into fiat.

Brothers Amir and Raise Keiji founded Africrypt in 2019. The platform promised the investors high returns of up to 10% per day.

The damage caused to the investors is estimated at 69 thousand Bitcoins. Thus, this scam has become one of the largest in the history of the cryptocurrency industry.

The Financial Sector Supervision Authority said it was studying the details of Africrypt’s activities, but could not open an official investigation, since cryptocurrencies in South Africa are not considered a financial product.

The founders of Africrypt have so far been discovered. And their numbers have a call forwarding to voicemail.

The court preliminarily approved the liquidation of Africrypt and gave the owners of the company time to challenge the decision until July 19.

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