A Pool of Ethereum Miners Against the EIP-1559

On April 1st a bunch of Ethereum miners will take an organized action against the implementation of EIP-1159. This innovation will make the ETHs burn as the fees are paid. This is the way the network offers to solve the problem of the existing model of the transaction fee that makes users pay unreasonably high prices. The offer will be a part of the London hardfork planned to take place in July. 

The coming change broke the Ethereum miners community into two camps. Those that are against it, are going to protest by joining their forces into a hashrate in the Ethermine pool. If they manage to take over 51% of hashrate, they will be able to change the protocol. The action will last 51 hours. 

It’s not going to be a 51% attack, although it may look like one. Miners claim they just want to demonstrate their ability to work together against the changes that won’t be good for their profit in favor of the rich speculators. Those who support EIP-1159 think it will be good for the ETH price but miners now benefit from the growing DeFi sector and are not ready to lose it.

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