A Piece of Virtual Land in Decentraland Was Sold For a Record $ 913 Thousand

The Ethereum-based open-world game Decentraland sold a lot for a record price of more than $ 913,000. The digital site was acquired by investment firm Republic Realm, which specializes in virtual real estate.

At Decentraland, virtual real estate was sold in the form of nonfungible tokens (NFT) dubbed LAND.

In fact, the acquired parcel is 259 digital land parcels. The deal cost 1,295,000 of MANA Decentraland’s own tokens, which at the time of the sale was approximately $ 913,000.

Decentraland is a bit like a mix of Minecraft and Second Life, but with the true ownership of the in-game items and a player-driven game economy.

The website of the online investment unit Republic Realm says that more and more time people are spending in virtual worlds. It is not surprising that virtual reality, together with blockchain, is rapidly developing.

According to data provided by the NFT data aggregator, NonFungible, this sale is the largest in Decentraland’s history in dollars. The previous record was a sale of about $ 704,000.

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