A New Startup Rewardefi Holds a Token Sale Offer

A new decentralized project Rewardefi announced a token sale. Their native tokens WFI are claimed to become a bridge between the DeFi and traditional finance. Rewardefi is an open source network that combines decentralized management with the necessary control to provide safety for their users.

Rewardefi provides the yield farming within a project governed by the community. Their token sale will last for 45 days, and the tokens that won’t be sold during it will be blocked for 2 years. Everyone who buys the WFI worth of 1 ETH will receive a 70% bonus. They are available for ETHs, BTCs or USDTs.

At the moment 1 WFI is worth 0.025 ETH. Overall, 16,000 tokens will be available to purchase within the token sale. It’s the first round of the token sale, and their price is reduced and will become higher in the future.

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