A New Space Race Has Begun! Musk & DOGE Will Compete With BitMEX & Bitcoin For the Primacy Of Crypto On the Moon

As it turned out, the first cryptocurrency on the moon may not be Dogecoin that billionaire Elon Musk promised to send to the Earth’s satellite.

Most recently, on June 4, BitMEX announced its support for space robotics firm Astrobotic Technology on a mission to the Moon.

As you know, not a single private company has ever sent a mission to the moon. After the completion of NASA’s Apollo program in 1975, attempts to conquer the Moon for the second time have ceased altogether until recently.

Elon Musk has announced that he will send physical DOGE coins to the moon. According to the billionaire, SpaceX plans to launch some payload on one of its first rockets to the moon – Dogecoin. Thus, DOGE could become the first cryptocurrency to reach lunar orbit next year.

But BitMEX doesn’t share Musk’s enthusiasm. Representatives of the company announced that they want to send a physical embodiment of “good old Bitcoin” on a mission to the moon with Astrobotic Technology.

Citing Musk as the “protagonist of Dogecoin,” BitMEX added:

“We have nothing against Dog Money, we thought it right only to help Bitcoin get it first.”

Elon Musk responded to BitMEX’s newfound astronomical ambitions on Twitter, stating, “The new space race has begun!”

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