“A New Identity For Crypto”: Law Enforcement Officers Liquidated the Dangerous Marketplace 

Law enforcement officers liquidated the SSNDOB marketplace, where personal data of at least 24 million US residents were sold for cryptocurrency.

According to the website of the US Department of Justice, on an illegal site it was possible to purchase names, dates of birth and social security numbers for cryptocurrency, in general, everything that is required in order to appropriate someone else’s identity. On their “initiative” the attackers earned more than $19 million.

The scammers carried out the site’s advertising campaign on darknet forums, using fictitious names, foreign servers, and accepted only cryptocurrencies as payment.

According to Chainalysis analysts, when registering on the platform, the user received an address for transferring crypto assets associated with his account. The marketplace accepted Bitcoin and Litecoin, and maybe other cryptocurrencies too.

SSNDOB operators have received about $22 million in Bitcoin since April 2015. Most of the funds came from accounts on centralized crypto exchanges or P2P platforms, according to analysts.

Earlier, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) arrested the CEO of New York-based cryptocurrency trading platform EminiFX on charges of wire fraud.

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