A Monument To Satoshi Nakamoto Will Be Created In Budapest

Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto will be immortalized in a life-size bronze statue in Budapest.

The statue is going to be created by sculptors River Gergely and Tamash Gilly. They are going to make a figure of a man in a sweatshirt with the Bitcoin emblem. According to the plan, the hood of the sweatshirt will be worn over the head of a person. And the face of the statue will be made of reflective material. So people could see their reflection like in a mirror, writes Hungary Today.

The sculptors believe that this form best reflects the idea that “we are all Satoshi.”

The project, which was initiated by the cryptocurrency enthusiast Andras Györfi, is funded by four organizations: Mr. Coin, Cryptocurrency Academy, Blockchain Hungary Association and Blockchain Budapest.

The statue will be erected in the Graphisoft Park in the 3rd district of Budapest near the monument to Apple founder Steve Jobs.

The monument was made as a tribute to Jobs. It was commissioned by representatives of Graphisoft, a Hungarian software company. In the mid-1980s, Steve Jobs invested in this company when it was only a startup.

This is not the first monument in the honour of cryptocurrency. In 2018, a monument to Bitcoin was opened in Slovenia in the city of Kraj.

The monument looks like a horizontal steel ring seven meters wide with the Bitcoin logo in the centre. Then the sponsors of the project were the Bitstamp cryptocurrency exchange and the 3fs blockchain software company.

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