A Bill On Providing Crypto Services By Nebraskan State Banks Reached the Final Round

The authorities of Nebraska, USA are just a few steps from passing the bill that will allow the central bank to offer crypto services to their customers. The bill reached a final round of debates, and if it is passed successfully, Nebraska will become one of the leaders of crypto adoption in the USA.

The bill was introduced by a member of the Republican party Mike Flood. Its goals are the adoption of financial innovations and creating the space for the digital economy together with its control and regulatory framework. If it passes the final round, the state will become the second one after Wyoming who opened its first crypto bank back in September 2020.

The bill was created after Flood’s conversation with a friend who entered the crypto industry in Wyoming. Although the skepticists said that the bill couldn’t pass in a form it existed, now it’s a lot closer to its final goal.  

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