62 People Suspected In Thodex Scam Are Under Arrest

The Thodex case moved on, and 62 people were arrested during the investigation on the Turkish-based crypto exchange that turned out to be an exit scam. They are suspected in being involved in this financial crime. There are also orders to arrest 16 more people.

The case started as the result of complaints from people who lost access to their assets. There is information that the founder of the Thodex exchange stole the assets and left the country. The founder, Faruk Fatih Özer, traveled from Turkey to Albania but he claims it is a business trip, and its purpose is to meet the investors.

It’s really not the best time for exit scams in Turkey because the crypto industry in this country enters quite a depressive period. The recent law bans using cryptocurrency as payment and providing the fiat money for cryptocurrency exchange.

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