5 Best Trading Contests Of This Summer – Make the Most Of It!

Multiple crypto platforms keep appearing all over the world as the industry grows and becomes a powerful financial trend. In hopes to attract new users, they arrange competitions, contests and bounty giveaways for traders.

Usually, all you need to get the prizes is to register on the exchange and trade actively. It’s not difficult at all for the experienced traders but there are also offers for the newcomers of the crypto market. We offer you the hottest trading contests of this summer!

  1. EURO-2021 by SimpleFX

Duration: June 11 – July 14

Prize positions: 100

Even if you aren’t a soccer fan, a trading contest dedicated to the European championship cup will make you feel like a champion! The prize pool of this contest $50,000. The winner gets $7,000, and other contestants get bonuses that will depend on their trading activity. You can join at any moment; for this, the first 200$ deposit is required.

  1. Summer Biathlon by Cex.io

Duration: June 9 – June 26

Prize positions: 18

Of course, it’s about trading and not biathlon. You should only trade DeFi-currencies in pairs with USD. Three winners get $2,000, $1,500 and $1,000 responsively, and 15 random contestants get $200. You can also join it at any moment.

  1. Demo Trading Battle by BTC-Alpha

Duration: June 6 – July 11

Prize positions: 1000

This is the offer for newbies we mentioned above but the experienced traders are welcomed as well. Here traders compete in trading demo currencies, so you won’t have to invest at all. However, there’s quite a solde prize pool of $10,000. Three winners get $500, $200, and $100. Top-1000 contestants receive a discount for the trading fee (10 USDfee). You can join anytime, but the quicker, the better – more time means more chances to win.

  1.  PT Arena 3: Race for Glory by Phemex

Duration: June 21- July 4 

Prize positions: 10

It’s a real team game of trading perpetual Bitcoin futures. A prize pool depends on the amount of contestants that need to file their requests no later than June 20. It can reach $750,000 if their amount reaches 10,000 people. Teams can include from 20 to 200 members. The rewards are divided between the team members, where captains get 40% of their prize pool parts – from 25%-8% of the entire prize pool (1-3 места) to 30% from what is left. Each contestant gets a $5 bonus, and also has a chance to win the contest’s merch in a daily random lottery on Twitter.

To participate, you’ve got to have no less than 0,05 ВТС on your BTC wallet, and to get a reward, no less than $500 USD at the end of the contest.

  1. Plutus Trading Competition от AscendEX (бывшая BitMAX)

Duration: June 11 – June 18

Prize positions: 10

This contest is held due to a listing of a Plutus (PLU) token. The team airdrops $5,000 worth of tokens for the traders who register for the contest and will make a maximum trading volume in PLU. You can register any moment.

The summer’s just begun, and there’s so many offers already! We will keep you informed about the juiciest options of every season!

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