“1 in a Billion”: Another Small Miner Adds a Bitcoin Block

On January 13, another miner from the Solo CK pool with a performance of only 116 TH/s was able to add a block to the Bitcoin network.

According to Solo admin Con Kolivas, this miner joined the pool less than two days ago, possibly right after the previous lucky miner added a Bitcoin block.

Kolivas noted that these miners were unusually lucky to solve the block solo.

“This is insane luck at work, and a very unusual event,” he wrote.

According to Bitcoin mining expert and Bitcoin Mining Council (BMC) member Hass McCook, the chances that a single miner will mine a block are negligible, and that it will happen again with a difference of only a few days is one in a billion.

Each of the miners who could only mine on one or two machines will earn 6.25 Bitcoins (BTC) (about $266,000) for their efforts.

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